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Design your own unique urn among a big selection of wooden urns for ashes.

Date Added: 26-04-2022

Wooden urns for ashes are one of the most commonly used urns that are selected for the cremated remains of a loved one.It  is a very important matter for the whole family when they  choose a suitable urn.It is elegance and durability, what we usually find in wooden urns. Wooden urns for ashes,which are ausually made of carefully seasoned wood, will surprise with their durability and  attractivness.The solid, wooden construction will make your urns durable for many decades.
Be aware that these types of urns need to be kept indoors and they must not be subject to weather conditions.

Plain wooden urns for ashes.

We  would like to offer simple, wooden urns without any ornaments  for those who appreciate simplicity.The natural wood and the specific arrangement ofwood urn the rings make a unique decoration for the urn. You can select from different shades of wood, from light oak to dark mahogany. Each of the wooden urns for ashes is very carefully made, and all of its elements are perfectly matched to each other.
Wooden urns for Catholics.

For Catholics, we have urns decorated with religious emblems in our offer. Many of our urns provide the option of placing a cross on the urn. In this way, the deceased's attachment to their religion can be signified. For many people, faith is the most crucial thing. The cross on the urn will always be a reminder of God and the fact that the loved one is now in heaven.

Types of urns.

The wide variety of urns makes it sometimes difficult to decide on the right one for our deceased loved one.
Exotic Mango glitters in a spectrum of colours from bright yellow hues through saturated orange borders to dark brown. It is available in a large, mediummango urn and souvenir set.

The dignified walnut has a more subdued colour scheme. The beautifully arranged grain adds a unique charm to the urn. It is available in a large, medium and heirloom set.

Urns of modern design, which combine classic wooden craftsmanship and modernity. The perfect form of the urn attracts walnut urnattention and evokes admiration. The perfect blend of wood and gold metal ring creates a unique look.

A wooden urn in the classical coffin shape, for those who, despite the decision to have deceased cremated, wish to have a resemblance to a traditional burial. It comes in three colours and a set with a souvenir.

A personalised wooden urn for ashes brings back memories and preserves the memory of the loved one. By placing a photo on the urn, you can remind yourself of the deceased as they were when they were alive.

An urn for the superhero. You don’t have to wear a cloak to be a hero to your loved ones. The urn will mark the exceptionality of our loved one in a unique way.

A  stylish wooden urn for children. Comes in white embelished with three hearts and with the possibility of attaching a commemorative plaque.

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