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Capacity of the urn
Sphere Adult Cremation Urn /HeartsStainless Steel Cremation Ashes URN for Adult Unique Memorial Pet Urn Human URNSphere Adult Cremation UrnSphere Adult Cremation Urn
Sphere Adult Cremation Urn /Hearts
Stainless Steel Cremation Ashes URN for Adult Unique Memorial Pet Urn Human URN
Sphere Adult Cremation Urn
Sphere Adult Cremation Urn
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Stainless Steel Cremation Ashes URN for Adult Unique Memorial Pet Urn Human URN

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One-of-a-kind premium Stainless Steel Cremation Urn for ashes .Unique URN designed in the shape of a sphere .

If you are looking for a cremation urn that is resistant to any condition, durable and hardwearing, then you will definitely like this particular urn. Made from high quality, polished stainless steel and marble base All of these materials are robust, and so you can rest assured that this is an urn that will last for years.
The urn opens in a discreet manner as the opening is located at the bottom of the base. Handmade and finished with the highest standards, this is one of the highest quality and most durable cremation urns in our extensive collection.

A wonderful final peaceful resting place for a dearly loved one. Our each cremation urn is unique and made by true artist. This will give your loved one a truly unique cremation urn made specially for your loved one.
Suitable for display in any home or setting.

Discounted urns are urns with insignificant visual defects caused by the production process. We attach great importance to the high quality of our products, so urns with such minor defects are offered to you at an appropriately reduced price. Small visual defects are only aesthetic and do not affect the tightness, stability or proper use of the urn.

To be sure of your decision to buy, please read the detailed description and the photographic documentation that shows the damage in detail.
If you have any further questions about the condition of your urn, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Damage description
Double Heart Urns are urns made of stainless steel sphere set on a marble base. Occasionally, during production, small scratches occur at the junction of the two halves of the sphere. This is a visual effect only, and does not affect the functionality of the urn. The scratches are only superficial, with no significance for the quality of the ball. Stainless steel ensures durability and resistance to various factors, including rust. Please refer to detailed photo documentation.

Product Details
Sphere size 20cm /7.8" (L)
• Base Size: 21cm (W) x 25cm (D) x 2.5-3 cm(H)
• Base Size: 8.26" (W) x 9.8" (D) x 0.98-1.18"(H)
• Total height 22cm(W) x 8.66"(H)
• Capacity: 3.7 L ( 225 cubic inch )
• Suitable to hold ashes of an person body weight upto approx. 225 lbs or 102Kg

If you choice Personalised Plaque please submit text in the “Note from Buyer “ section during checkout.

Personalised memorial plaque must be customised when placing your order. (Please don’t panic if you miss it as you can always send us a message afterwards.)
The limitations on the text are as follows:

First Line : Up to 24 characters

Second Line : Up to 24 characters

Third Line : Up to 24 characters

Fourth Line : Up to 24 characters

Please REVIEW the text for engraving carefully before adding the item to cart. We copy and engrave the exact information we receive with the order and don't make any changes at our end. Please Review the text to make sure all spellings are correct.
The memorial plaque is for self-assembly.

Please DO NOT enter personalised information if you are purchasing the ' Urn without plaque ' option.

Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility.

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