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Unique Pet Cremation Urn , Stunning Cremation Ash Urn

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Stainless Steel Pet Cremation Urn

For many people, pets are an important part of the family, so it’s only fitting that they be remembered when they pass away. This wonderful urn for the ashes of a pet is a lovely way to remember a lost friend and companion.

 This pet urn is made by craftsman with the same care and attention that they apply to making urns for human ashes. We believe that pets deserve a respectful resting place, just as humans do.

This beautiful pet urn will provide a reminder of the loyalty and friendship of a much-loved pet. It’s a wonderful piece of craftsmanship that will not look out of place in any home. It will make a lovely resting place for departed pet, and it will help keep the happy memories of their life alive. A fitting tribute and a lovely memorial to a wonderful friend.

79bs (0-30kg) = 79 cubic inches.

Product Details:

  Size: 20cm D x 17cm H x 16.5cm W
Size:7.87'' D x6.69'' H x 6.49'' W

    Capacity:1.3 L (79 cubic inches )
    Sphere is made of stainless steel
    The base is made from marble
    Approximate Weight = Approximate Cubic Inch Size
    79Lbs (0-30kg) = 79 cubic inches.

If you choice Personalised Plaque please submit text in the product personalisation frame .

Personalised memorial plaque must be customised when placing your order. (Please don’t panic if you miss it as you can always send us a message afterwards.)

The limitations on the text are as follows:

First Line : Up to 24 characters
Second Line : Up to 24 characters
Third Line : Up to 24 characters
Fourth Line : Up to 24 characters
Fifth Line : Up to 24 characters
Sixth line: Up to 24 characters

Please REVIEW the text for engraving carefully before adding the item to cart. We copy and engrave the exact information we receive with the order and don't make any changes at our end. Please Review the text to make sure all spellings are correct.

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS are responsible for any applicable import duties or restrictions.

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